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Niagara Universal Tool Package

Niagara Universal Tool for assembly and disassembly of large-diameter antifriction bearings used in screening machines.

  • Material crosshead: High-strength steel
  • Material of counter holder: High-strength steel
  • Spindle material: High-strength steel
  • Material tension/compression rods: High-strength steel
  • Adapter: M20, M24… High-strength steel


Components large tool: tool bearing change large + hydraulic pump including accessories.
Components small tool: tool bearing change small up to 130mm bore diameter + hydraulic pump including accessories.


Due to the flexible sleeplessly adjustable pull rods in length and distance, all common bearing sizes on screening machines can be disassembled and assembled. The most important difference to other tools is that the bearings are pressed out of the bearing seats by moving the shaft. This results in the following advantages:

  1. Considerable reduction of assembly times, since the bearing housings do not have to be disassembled.
  2. Protection of the fits on the bearing housing receptacles since housings do not have to be dismantled.
  3. No need for additional presses in a production facility.
  4. Safe handling with up to 35 t compressive force.
  5. Securing of the bracket against twisting to prevent injuries.

Also available in small fixture for bearing sizes with bore diameter 80mm to 130mm

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