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Haver & Boecker Niagara

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Haver & Boecker Niagara is a leading provider in screening, pelletizing and primary crushing systems. The company’s mission is to deliver the best of these technologies to customers in the aggregates, mining, minerals, chemical, cement and food industries. With deep roots and years of experience in these industries, Haver & Boecker Niagara uses its innovative and shared technologies to effectively meet the needs of customers around the world.


Schaeffler Partnership

Spherical Roller Bearings Made for Vibrating Screens: Understanding the special requirements of vibrating screen technology, spherical roller bearings were developed to absorb the high loads, speed, acceleration and centrifugal forces better than ordinary roller bearings. Try it and improve the efficiency of your vibrating screen!


Scarabaeus pelletizing discs provided by HAVER & BOECKER NIAGARA are used for sustainable and efficient production of iron ore pellets. The unit’s design minimizes circulation, increasing productivity and profitability. The pelletizing discs used for agglomerating iron ore concentrates into pellets are remarkable for their very narrow particle size distribution with a target size of 10 to 14 mm.


Niagara Simulation Software
NIAflow is a simulation software for all kinds of mineral processing applications. With its intuitive graphical interface you design new mineral processing plants, or optimize existing plants, to predict production based on input tonnage, material characteristics and equipment set-up. Try it now!


The perfect flow for our blue planet
Choosing HAVER & BOECKER PELLETIZING DISC you make your small but sure contribution to a more careful use of resources and materials.
This is our mission
The International Space Station (ISS) orbits the Earth within 90 minutes, 400 km above the surface. In fast motion the astronauts witness the highly complex global processes that shaped the planet billions of years ago and produced life. But they also see the full extent of global climate change: the shift in climate zones and the weakening jet stream that used to pump cool and humid air regularly into temperate climate zones. They see deserts spreading, forests and green spaces disappearing – and with them our most important oxygen producers and carbon dioxide recyclers. The blue planet is changing more definitively and faster than expected. Like Mars, it threatens to become a red planet, which millions of years ago was once a blue planet with seas, rivers and an atmosphere. Choosing HAVER & BOECKER PELLETIZING DISC you make your small but sure contribution to a more careful use of resources and materials. With our technologies we stive to improve the living conditions for mankind. This is our mission!
Our planet is unique
Our planet is unique – as unique as the life that is on it. Its creation required so many cosmic coincidences that human existence is all the more amazing. It was 300,000 years ago that the window of time first opened for modern man, a blink of the eye in space and time. Now we humans are faced with one of the greatest challenges of our history: We are experiencing an unprecedented population growth and we will need to share a shrinking habitat with eight, nine, or ten billion fellow humans over the coming decades. Our willingness to break new ground and use resources responsibly and sparingly will determine what this window of opportunity will hold for us, and how peaceful and fulfilling our coexistence will be. It is worth looking back at what has allowed us to grow and develop to this day: the courage to change, inspiration and team spirit. We have acquired an enormous amount of knowledge about ourselves and the world. And we know what future generations need, what drives us in our innermost being and what makes life worth living. We only need to take the next step, especially if we are all to benefit from it – especially for the children on this blue planet.