4. Niagara Pneumatic Grease Pump

for 14 kg bucket
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4. Niagara Pneumatic Grease Pump

Niagara Pneumatic Grease Pump for filling centralised lubrication system reservoirs, equipped with QR coupler.

The assembly consists of a pneumatic pump, 2 m hose DN12 (1/2″) with quick release coupling (ISO-Norm 7241B DN6 / 1/4″), follower plate, dust cover in basic version, without screws or self-centering mechanism (rests on upper pail edge) and trolley for grease NLGI 000 – 2

Please note: pump not suitable for high pressure applications!

Technical Data:

  • output at 8 bar (115 psi) air pressure: approx. 1.800 g/min.
  • (multi purpose grease NLGI 2 at 20° C)
  • pressure capability: approx. 24 bar (330 psi),
  • pump ratio: 1:3
  • thread: R1/2″
  • for 15 kg pails, Inner-Ø 255-282 mm


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