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HB17 Lubricant 400g

Lubrication Solution from Haver & Boecker Niagara

Service temperature -20 to 110°C

0,4kg cartridge

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HB17 Lubricant 400g

Your Lubrication Solution from Haver & Boecker Niagara. Using HB17 Niagara grease in combination with spherical roller bearings helps eliminate interference in your process.

HB17 was developedmade with the latest generation calcium complex soap. This new soap thickener has improved properties, in terms ofincluding water resistance, load bearing capacity and corrosion protec- tion, making it ideal for use in vibrating on machines. In addition, HB17 is suitable for use with centralized lubrication systems.


Bearing damage might cause

  • machine standstill
  • production failure
  • sales losses
  • unplanned costs

Potential causes

  • lack of lubricant (about 15%)
  • aged lubricant (about 20%)
  • incorrect lubricant (about 20%)
  • dirty lubricant (about 25%)
  • assembly fault (about 5%)


Made with the latest generation calcium complex soap, HB17 has improved properties regarding:

  • excellent thermal stability at high temperatures.
  • service temperature -20 to 110°C
  • water resistance
  • load carrying capacity
  • corrosion protection
  • available in 0,4kg cartridge or 14 kg bucket

Combined with the HAVER Automatic Central Lubrication System, HB17 ensures continuous grease lubrication in vibrating screens of all brands. Use Try HB17 with your next bearing change!