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    Haver & Boecker Niagara is a leading provider in screening, pelletizing and primary crushing systems. The company’s mission is to deliver the best of these technologies to customers in the mining, fertilizer & salt, metalurgucal recycling, aggregates & industrial minerals and cement  industries. With deep roots and years of experience in these industries, Haver & Boecker Niagara uses its innovative and shared technologies to effectively meet the needs of customers around the world.

    HAver & Boecker Niagara Launches the new Niagara t-Class

    The new generation T-Class putts the customers’ needs always first

    Haver & Boecker Niagara introduces the new generation of Niagara T-Class screening machines – a completely revised addition to the series of high quality two bearing vibrating machines. The new machine generation convinced with a whole range of technical innovations that extend the lifetime and reliability of the customers machine. Whether you’re in mining, aggregates, industrial minerals or recycling – the new T-Class solves all your challenges. 


    • microZINQ® galvanized

    • welding-free construction

    • modular deck design

    • easy to handle wear protection


    NIAGARA Primary Crushing Plants & Systems

    The Niagara Turnkey Plants improve the screening performance of customers all around the world

    We offer rugged primary crushing plants in a wide variety of configurations for pre-crushing, secondary and tertiary crushing. Our wide range of services gives you the best solution for any industrial project. Whether that means helping you increase efficiency, minimize costs, improve safety or reduce environmental and economic risks, our job is to provide the first-class service and technology to help you get the job done.

    Primary Crushing Plants

    The scalper is one of the main components of each primary crushing plant. With the scalper your plant will be more efficient, low-wear and more productive. HAVER NIAGARA® eccentric screening machines are perfect for scalping because of their heavy-duty design and smooth running. We combined our experience since 1930 with the supplementary components of our suppliers and realize complex plant projects according to our customers needs.


    Pre-crushing Plant Basic

    The classic pre-crushing plant serves to relieve the primary crusher by using a HAVER NIAGARA eccentric screening machine. If needed an additional screen deck allows the screening off of stony earth. If the screening material is unsuitable
    for further processing, it can then be directly screened away.  If the natural material deposit or the application possibilities should improve, then the material can be fed to production.


    Pre-crushing Plant Master

    To get the most out of your natural mineral deposit, HAVER & BOECKER NIAGARA developed the MASTER system. It allows you to derive the greatest possible flexibility and profitability for your primary crushing stages, especially with non-homogeneous natural deposits.

    Primary Crushing with a view to the future

    The world’s consumption of raw materials is set to nearly double by 2060. As the global economy expands and living standards rise, the pressure on the environment will double from what we are seeing today. In this light, the sustainable handling of raw materials is our highest priority. We are developing primary crushing plants that are reaching more outcome by using less material. Our advanced technology is engineered to handle the most difficult applications in the aggregates industry. We understand the importance of machine reliability and design each piece of equipment to thrive in extreme conditions.

    From Engineering

    To Construction

    Your trusted partner

    Your benefits
    are ensured

    • Haver & Boecker Niagara provides crushing plant systems with a variety of components, including impact, jaw, cone or roller crushers, Haver screens or rolling screens, push feeders, apron conveyors and Haver vibrating feeder

    • Integrated concepts with focus on production and profitability in all operating phases, all based on customer needs, tests, analyses and experience

    • Features  rugged steel construction and a robust design incorporating a durable, optimum flow, low wear and maintenance friendly chute system and integrated custom conveyor technology

    • In addition to coordinating the physical plant, Haver & Boecker Niagara offers structural building engineering at the start, including verifiable statics calculation.

    • We feature transportation management, supervision or the complete package: from assembly and electrical installation to plant start-up and optimization.

    • We will work with any crusher and peripheral component manufacturers and offer you advanced plant control systems and data management

    Customized Primary Crushing Solutions

    various applications
    The Niagara pimary crushing  systems improve your performance in the processing of hard and soft rocks, gravel and sands.


    • Gravel plant
    • Underground plant, feldspar
      Underground plant, feldspar
    • Gravel plant
    • Raw gypsum processing plant
    • Silica Sand Processing Plant
    • Diabase Processing Plant
    • Limestone processing Plant
    • Train loading station, limestone



    Eccentric Inclined Screen

    The revolutionary Niagara F-Class vibrating screen features new technology that offers simplified maintenance combined with maximum performance and longevity. The new design retains the technical benefits the original F-Class is known for, such as improving performance in material stratification and reducing blinding and pegging.


    Eccentric Inclined Screen

    The Niagara N-Class vibrating screen is designed to improve efficiency and reliability in heavy-duty applications. It is built with an advanced four-bearing design that minimizes structural vibration and maintains constant g-force and can optimize crushing plants and screening operations through its ability to screen up to 5,000 tonnes per hour.



    The Niagara L-Class vibrating screen is a versatile and easy to maintain linear machine, with no timing belts or gears that need replacing. The system has proven its worth wherever smooth screening with the highest degree of separation is to be achieved. The machine is a functional, robust and economical solution for dry and wet screening.


    High Capacity Linear Screen

    Haver & Boecker Niagara offers the Niagara XL-Class vibrating screen, which combines advanced exciter drive technology with a wide body to offer producers high-capacity screening action at up to 15,000 tons per hour. The XL-Class is the largest exciter-driven machine in the industry that is processing dry and wet raw materials.


    Pelletizing disc scarabaeus

    Your Benefits are ensured

    • Improved Product quality
    • Increased product output
    • Reduced CO2 emmissions

    The Process

    The process chamber of a pelletizing disc forms a horizontally inclined, rotating, flatcylindrical vessel. The fine concentrates are agglomerated with use of sprayed water into green balls with 9 to 16 mm.

    These balls roll

    These balls roll off a discharge chute and onto a belt conveyor that leads to a roller screen. The roller screen classifies the pellets into oversize, undersize and correct-sized grains.

    Live Material Analyse

    The pelletizing discs THE SCARABAEUS® 7500 pelletizing discs are equiped with advanced camara systems that provide you with live time analyse of your material.

    Technically Features

    • Automatic adjustment of the sidewall height
    • Stepless rotary speed adjustment during operation
    • Automatic inclination adjustment during operation


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    Niagara Mobile plants

    Ideal solution for challenging screening applications requiring consistent performance, load independence and minimal vibration transmission into the chassis

    Our Industries

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    Wide range of service products

    To successfully meet all our customers’ needs and increase the efficiency of their processing technology, we have developed the Niagara service portfolio, in which we offer a wide range of products – from screening media to lubricants. With the purchase of a NIAGARA machine, our customers have chosen the highest quality, complemented by first-class service. We’ve been sharing our experience and passion for mineral processing technology with customers for more than 140 years. Together our customers, our team develops individual solutions that meet the requirements. The service team of HAVER NIAGARA is always up-to-date, rapid, flexible and reliable.

    Niagara Screen Media

    In-house manufactured screen media designed to improve your screening performance

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    Pulse Condition Monitoring

    Easily keep an eye on the status of your processing equipment anytime, anywhere

    As a leader in vibrating screen technology, Haver & Boecker Niagara developed Pulse Condition Monitoring specifically for monitoring the health of vibrating screens, using modern algorithms to provide accurate measurements and forecasts complemented by information that is easy to understand.

    Pulse Condition Monitoring

    Spherical Roller Bearings

    Made for Vibrating Screens

    Understanding the special requirements of vibrating screen technology, we developed spherical roller bearings  to absorb the high loads, speed, acceleration and centrifugal forces better than ordinary roller bearings.

    Lubricant & Tools

    Developed according to your needs


    Niagara Exciters

    Powerful engineering for strong performance

    The Niagara Exciters properly set the required stroke, frequency and exact static moment for each application, resulting in improved screening performance.

    Simalation Software

    NIAflow is a simulation software for all kinds of mineral processing applications and phases. With its intuitive graphical interface it can model and calculate entire plants and processes.

    Nia Flow